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City of Dryden — Water Plant Operator

Graham is relatively new on board with the City of Dryden. He started in June of 2014 in water distribution and moved on to work in the wastewater treatment plant in September. He will be working in the water treatment plant as well. Duties include taking samples, performing lab tests, pH checks, settling tests for SBRs, rotary press to take out sludge. Each morning begins with a daily walk through the plant to ensure that the equipment is functioning properly. Duties in the water plant include checking pH, feeding lime to the hoppers, servicing equipment, and backwashing the holding tanks when necessary.

Graham enjoys a variety of activities such as fishing, snowboarding, hockey and soccer. He also likes to keep fit and regularly goes to the gym.

Dryden has a Class 2 system in water and a Class 3 system in wastewater. Graham currently has his OIT and his Entry-Level certification. He will be continuing on in 2015 to obtain his Class 1. Best of luck Graham!