Angeline W.

Angie is from Poplar Hill First Nation. Her daughter once asked why it was that all the people working in the water treatment plant were males? Angie decided that she would be a role model for her daughter and decided to obtain her certification and become a water plant operator. The plant in Poplar Hill is a Class 3 system with four operators that currently work there.

Poplar Hill is a community of approximately 500 to 600 people and is located 120 km north of Red Lake near the Ontario-Manitoba border. The community is accessible by air and winter road.

Angie worked in the health field in her community as an assistant health director for ten years. Her family keeps her busy with one son and two daughters. She enjoys cooking and baking for her family. She also teaches a quilting group in Poplar Hill. Other interests are broom ball and volleyball. Angie hopes to obtain her Operator-inTraining (OIT) and work in the water treatment plant in Poplar Hill. Keewaytinook wishes her all the best in her new career and congratulates her as a role model for other women in her community.